Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hump Day Handmade Handmade Curtains

Thru the years I have made almost all of my own curtains-they are fun to do, and you can save alot of money. My Mom has always made all of her own drapes-I haven't gotton into that too much, cause I don't have a formal house-never have. I am just a simple country girl and am not comfortable with "suburbia" lol
Since retirement I have really enjoyed dyeing fabrics so now I have been dyeing yards of kona cotton for curtains. When I made my kitchen curtains I put large grommets in and used leather suede for ties. Fun! So only your creativity and imagination are your limits.
Here are a few ideas and how to links:
here do it yourself how to
here how to measure your windows for curtains
here Tipnut-lots of tutorials and how tos
here bed linens into curtains I remember growing up-alot of people made curtains from sheets.
here can't sew you say-this is a neat site with tips and also no sew ideas for curtains

Curtain Rods-most seem to be made from China now-sigh-but if you choose to-find something to recycle into cool rods

curtain rod
Use copper pipe, tree branches, broom handles-painted,pvc pipe painted; look around and be creative here are more recyling tips for curtains and rods.
There are also alot of companies online that are making rods from recycled materials-I love that too.
So be creative, and have fun with it.


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