Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Couple Photos-Art Swap and Around the Homestead Here

The first and last photos are of my art swap from my blog friend here in Missouri; Carol. She painted the two miniatures for me, made me a card, and preserved these leaves with something so they are no longer brittle-love it all so much-and blends in with my handmade pottery here too.

Next photo is of this neat building that Larry built for me one of the first years we moved down. It was suppose to be my garden shed, and upstairs a little apartment for visitors. Right now is curing all the wood for house-for my cabinets, and black walnut flooring for the living room, along with my garden tools. so far the gardening is not happening too well here for me. Mr. L is thinking it would be great converted to our "clubhouse" great place to hold cook outs and such. The just finished building the outside stairs and the deck to get to the second floor.

Next photo is Larrys new live bait pond-it is starting to fill up nicely now with all the rain we have gotton this week. He will raising minnows for live bait when they go fishing on the lake. he was tired of spending too much money for poor quality bait. so he the baby john deer build this pond-the wildlife loves it !!

Well off to get the last load of laundry on the line. figured I would do it this afternoon to save time tomorrow-will just leave it out on the line tonight, I don't think the wildlife will bother it lol


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