Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Cakes and Puddings-Gluten Free

I am making up Larry's dark fruit cake, an english version tomorrow morning. I have the fruits soaking in rum overnight. I have made this every year since we have been married, and almost every year before that-it has become a tradition.
I usually make up a gluten free version for me, but this year I may still do that, but I really want to make a gluten free plum pudding. I have vintage and new steamers for this too. Looking online, I actually found serveral recipes for this. here's one
I like the looks of this recipe
This one looks really good too, it is made with almond flour and has a maple rhubarb sauce recipe to serve with it here
Here is a recipe more involved, also with almond flour here one of the ingredients is black treacle what is this??? does anyone know?

Here is a gluten free fruitcake recipe from Whole Foods Market, I like this one cause it uses dried fruits instead of sugary ones
This recipe is a little different, has crushed pineapple included to keep it moist here another recipe here that looks yummy.

I think I will also be making some other breads this year instead of cookies-date bread, and banana, or pumpkin breads too

If you need to bake gluten free for the holidays-not to fret-there are so many recipes available now online-just do a google search for what you need-you will be pleasantly surprised--enjoy baking this season!


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