Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chicken Soup for a Rainy Tuesday

Since I have been doing all this heavy cleaning and painting the last two weeks, I have been cooking just simple quick meals.
Sunday I got out my clay roaster and roasted one of the chickens Mr. L prepared for us along with lots of turnips, potatoes and a sprinkling of limes and herbs.
This roaster makes such excellent broth too, so yesterday I finished cooking down for soup. The soup was sooo delicious thought I would share my recipe.
Kathy's Roasted Chicken Soup
Roast a whole chicken the method you prefer you prefer-I used my clay baker roaster
Enjoy a meal when it comes out of the oven, then next day cook everything down for a couple hours into stock. Strain, cool, and skim the fat.
Bring the stock up to a simmer, add in the chicken meat.
Next I added a package of my own turnip greens, and a package of chantrelle mushrooms that I had sauted in butter-cooled and froze. This addition really stepped up the flavor of the soup. Add your favorite fresh mushroom that has been sliced and sauted in butter.
I then added in my favorite rice pasta, so here it's your pasta choice.
When the pasta is cooked tender, serve in soup mugs or something fun.


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