Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bird Watching

I put bird seed out this week, since we are down in the 20s now at night. I have moved alot of the feeders over in front of the bay window in our bedroom. My quilt frame is there and when we only want to feed one woodstove I work in that room, and enjoy watching all the bird visitors.

We have all of our lovely normal visitors but we have been pleasantly surprised by a visit twice this week so far, from my favorite Missouri bird the pileated woodpecker. We have many of the woodpeckers here in our woods-little ones up to this larger one of the species.

These guys are very large and just so cool to watch, they hear the bugs in the trees and so peck away to find them.

My camera was out of battery this morning so this is not my photo.

and here ia map where they reside.


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