Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pears Canned

When I showed Larry these pears and had him help me cut them in half, he said these are winter pears. In the old days these were pears that one would put in their home root cellars. I think he is right-as these really are not canning pears. I can see that they would make up into a really nice pie, or one would just bake or cook up something with these during the winter months.
There was alot of waste with these so I dumped out the peelings etc by the edge of the woods for the deer and foxes etc.
Since these were so hard, and didn't want to cook them first before canning (hot pack) I decided to slice these-kinda like 1/8's of the pear.
I decided they needed a little something in the syrup, but not alot. So I made a syrup of 10 pints water to 1/4 cup local honey. As I brought it to a simmer I put in a stick of cinnamon-about 4" long, and a big slice of candied ginger. Turned out with just hint of the honey and the cinnamon and ginger-I think they will be good. I had one jar from the first batch that didn't seal-so we will try that one out in a day or two-after its been in the frig.
Glad I forced myself to get this project completed. Tomorrow we go for our 6 month check ups and its an hour to get there, so the morning will be taken up with that. Hope to tackle the green tomato salsa tomorrow-and then I will have the canning finished up.
two weeks till the hunters come-and this house is a major job to get cleaned and ready.
off to make supper


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