Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Last Box Arrived Today-that I mailed from Indiana

Funny-I see a little spider popped into the picture below with my cast iron, we have alot of spiders trying to move in now.
There was only a couple things I really wanted, as they went thru the farm buildings and such when my Mom moved off of our generation farm.(around 200 years now)
I had spotted in one of the barn buildings this really neat handmade berry crate-its just been sitting there forever. It didn't get spotted I guess when my Grandma had passed and they had a huge auction of almost everything. My Mom and Dad then bought the farm and moved in, that was around 35 or 36 years ago.
I had asked Mom about it a couple years ago, and she said that's just always been right there-so either my grandpa or his father probably made it. I love it, and I have nothing in mementos that was from him. So when she told me they were going thru things to sell or to toss-I explained where it was and that I wanted it-unless Jerry really wanted it-but no way was it to be thrown out or left there. So Jerry made sure I got it. Mom thought I was crazy and wanted to toss it. lol-"that old thing"
The other items I really wanted were these two big bowls-one stainless and the other white porcelain bowl with the red rim these I remember my grandma using all the time. I also spotted those other two porcelain pieces. I said I would only take them if she wasn't using them-and no she doesn't use them-I mailed these off too.
When we went thru her sewing room, we put in a box for sale of her knitting materials cause she can't do that any more, and I spotted this box of patterns that goes with a big book that she had given me last year-so that was neat, as they are full size patterns for all kinds of projects.
and lastly Larry picked up this cast iron wagner cast iron at a sale just before I left-we have a large collection of cast iron and we do not have this piece-awesome! pretty heavy too- won't take much to clean it up. thought it would be great to make up some great cinnamon rolls or breads in on the fire one of these days.
so these are my newest treasures.


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