Monday, October 17, 2011

Healthy Mondays Cookies

I haven't baked for awhile, been too busy and we have been warm here, but this week is a changing-quite cold and a freeze mid week-it is october after all lol
Alot of people when they go on their diets think they have to eliminate all baked items-not so if you bake them healthier.
My tips: always use whole grain flours -no white flours, cut the sugar in half right off the bat in most recipes-and then play around with part stevia, or a little honey, or molasses along with a little sugar. For baking diabetic I have learned a little sugar is ok so I love the new stevia and natural sugar blends. Use quality oils instead of butter you can upgrade the healthy part of your baked item right off by doing that. If the recipe calls for milk I use soy milk, or almond milk or coconut milk depending on the recipe.
From Eating Well-tips and recipes here
honey oatmeal cookie
I found this excellent oatmeal recipe here it follows my ideas of a healthier cookie
There are lots of recipes online, just do a google search for healthy cookies-you will also find vegan and ways to add protein as well
Happy Monday


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