Thursday, October 13, 2011

Finallly-lol-Basting the Quilt Layers

This is another one of my men's cotton shirts quilts, I added buttons to all of the pockets on this one-a few vintage buttons thrown in, and it is alot bigger than I usually make. I kept adding borders to the backing and then to the front, and then more on the backing-lol I just barely had enough room on the floor to lay it out-fits right up against the hearth of the woodstove on one side and next to my loom on the other side. It is ending up 98" wide and over 100" long. I do love big quilts. This one I have an all natural cotton batting in, and the orange strip around the edges brings the fall theme all together, and is one of my own hand dyes. This will just fit on the frame so I can knot it


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