Thursday, October 13, 2011

Doings a Couple Memes This Morning

I had totally forgotton about the Hunter's Full Moon-til I saw it in full view this morning, with my walk with Nikita. interesting read here from the Farmers Almanac
I am usually not effected by the full moons, but I think because of everything going on the last few weeks it got me-lol this time.
This morning on our walk, I wish I had my camera with me, but I took in the moment for memories sake. We had a huge storm come thru last night so we had puddles and Nikita loves to drink from them. The sun had come out, I was ahead of her watching her, and suddenly while drinking her full reflection along with the sky appeared in the puddle. She noticed it too, and was not alarmed as some dogs might be, she looked at herself for a bit and then continued drinking from the water. I felt like this should mean something, but just enjoyed it and didn't ponder it any further. This has never happened before.
Larry had decided enough of paying high prices for live bait that is not quality-so with his dozer has been building a pond to raise his own. I checked and this morning the bottom has a nice amount of water from the rains last night.
Mr. L was over at a neighbors, and she was going thru her extensive rock collection-collected from all over the states, and was just tossing alot of them out. she makes rock gardens with them. Mr. L asked if he could have a few, so he brought me over about a dozen cool rocks. So now I have these new rocks and the rocks from Scotland, so perhaps I can get back to rocking walls next week.
Last night my body was tired from the wood stacking, and crawling on the hard concrete floor to get this quilt layered, so just fell asleep on the couch during the news. Woke up, and Larry had fallen asleep too, so I cleaned up the kitchen, finished sewing on strips for the quilt backing, and turned on food network-they are having halloween wars now, and I like resturant impossible. before I could see the ending of one of the shows-a big storm blew in. High winds for a bit and then t storms for several hours-up til midnight. Of course Nikita is frightened by these and was glued to my side. Sooo I decided to make a birthday card for a friend (we are having a big party this saturday) and turned out sooo awesome, I know she will love it. I used some new oil sticks for the first time to print a stamp with so will finish the back up today.
Now to decide if I want to do the wash, or tackle the quilt again. Haven't decided yet. I guess we are going to the resale shops tomorrow so have Larry looking to see if he has anything for sale. I may just do some wash late this afternoon, and hang it out so it will dry while I am gone tomorrow morning-now thats thinking ahead-lol

a couple birthday blog things, Larry and I both have birthdays this month as do several of our friends
You Are Thoughtful

You are a selective and sometimes critical person. You examine everything carefully.
You are exacting. You like to be able to have as much control over your environment and as possible.

You like to have meaningful social interactions. You prefer relationships that are fulfilling and not casual.
You are sensitive and observant. You have a heightened awareness of everything going on around you.
You Are Open-Minded

You don't get too caught up in how you think things should be. You know there's not much you can control.
You are accepting and broad-minded. You think the world needs more tolerance and understanding.

You are intensely passionate, especially about causes and people you believe in.
You couldn't be someone else even if you tried! You're simply you - and thank goodness for that.
and just for fun
You Are an Elegant and Magnetic Shoe

You are convincing and magnetic. Persuasion is an art form for you.
You are fascinating and alluring. People are definitely interested in what's going on in your life.

You shine when it comes to negotiating conflict. You can craft win-win situations.
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