Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Celestial Seasonings Tea Co

Deb and I were talking about their Sleepy Time Tea earlier today; and that got me to remembering a bit of my past.
Life events had taken me to Denver, Co in the 70s and this is the time period when this tea company was beginning to expand etc. It was also when I learned how to weave, and another company in the area was new and growing as well Schacht weaving co here I believe these are both still out of Boulder, Co.
I have collected lots and lots of Celestial Seasonings tins, big ones and little ones, I love their art work. I had so many that I decided to sell a few at the resale shop and when I saw I only got a quarter off of each-that was it-I am enjoying my tins and using them more now.
Here is a link to their time line history--here browsing their online site, they have really expanded their line.
I always loved thier sleepy time tea-very soothing and relaxing
Sleepytime tea I have the tin and a coffee mug with their sleepy time logo Their art work has always made me happy and smile thru the years.
Why I am blogging about this?? Well, not sure now-lol I never get into the trap of feeling old-I refuse to do that, but I do have a soft spot for companies I grew up with thru the years.


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