Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Bushel of Green Tomatoes

Wow-I wasn't expecting quite so many tomatoes-lol Mr. L picked every single green tomatoe on his plants and brought them to me to make salsa and relishes.
I got a late start too, and just finished hand chopping the first batch, I always forget just how long this takes. I don't like to put my relishes in a processor cause they just end up too fine or not chopped enough, and we like our salsas and relishes more chunky-can use them for more foods that way too.
I found a recipe that looks really good, I changed the recipe a bit since I didn't have a cabbage on hand, and I decided to add some hot peppers too. So this has chopped green tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, and hot banana peppers. You put salt over and mix-let sit 4 hours and then rinse well drain and proceed to make the liquid and can. I decided I am too tired now to finish up-7 pm is kinda late to get into the last of the process, so I put it all in the frigerator-and will take it out first thing tomorrow morning.
I looked around for recipes using whole or small green tomatoes, and found one that was a dill pickle-has lots of garlic in it, dill and spices-I may make that one. I also want to follow my latest salsa recipe but use these green tomatoes. I need to wait for the cilantro to come in from Penzeys, and I am going to have to go to town to get a few ingredients like more vinegar and garlic-so this all might not get finished up til week.
Our truck that has over 550,000 miles on it now, and Larry just keeps it running-is acting up this month. He hasn't found the problem yet-so I am afraid of driving off to town and perhaps breaking down, or I would run to town tomorrow.

I have never made or even eaten a fried green tomatoe-any of you have a favorite recipe??
Larry just went out bow hunting for deer, the weather is finally cold enough to go out. We would like to get one before the deer hunters arrive so we can have one smoked and bbq'd for eats. I also plan on smoking a big batch of trout for them.
well, I am off here, need a break before supper.


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