Monday, September 26, 2011

Well, I guess I'm ready for my Trip

I am packed, but I keep going back to elimate more and more, so my bags are not too heavy. I pack light anyways, but with a bad lower back-everything is too heavy. I am not even going to take my purse with this time either, just use the carry on small bag for odds, food, and my id-lol

I made up my 5 gallon pail of laundry soap this morning. I had used up the very last of it yesterday so I wanted to get this made before I left. I just love this process so much. So simple to make, saves soooo much money, and no plastic to recycle. Just love it. My recipe is in the photo section on my home page. I would suggest not using fels napha bar soap for this, but rather a pure old time soap if you can find it. Here we have Kirks which has been made since the 1800s. The Fels Napha is really strong and actually was developed for stains. Alot of recipes online push this soap but it is really too harsh for every day laundry use. I do have bars around that I grate into a dry detergent for very heavily soiled laundry-like mechanics clothes.

Well I am off to take a walk with Nikita


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