Monday, September 12, 2011

We've got Cornbread-off the fire

This was not perfection-but it's not burnt either, it's cooked thru-nice and moist not dried out. But, tonight I guess since I didn't put a fire in the smoke box too I couldn't get the fire up to 500 degrees like I wanted. So my skillet did not get super hot-I should have placed it over the coals to get really hot and then move it over to the center-now I will know. If the pan is super hot-with the oil in there-when you pour the batter in-it sizzles nice-and puts a nice crust on the bottom-next time.
When I bake over a fire I always put the coals around the cast iron not under it, and a lid on top with hot coals too.
The fish is taking too long too, cause the fire is now so so-but the cornbread is good, and nothing got burnt-lol Everything was very tasty-I would definately try doing more baking this way. However, next time, I will put a few coals in the smoke box too with a little hickory or oak, this is a smoker after all and I think the whole unit will work better that way.
Next up Pizza? I haven't done one of my pizzas on a grill for a long time-


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