Friday, September 16, 2011

Over on Blogger

Those of you that have a blog there, do you have trouble with their site?? I haven't been able to get around over there for over 6 months, actually its probably a year by now.

They seem to have no customer service, any question is put to a forum and you look for the answer. I finally got help on why I couldn't sign in or comment over there, they have been having lots of troubles with that and still not fixed. the told me to resign in every time, and to uncheck the remember me box-when I do that then I can at least sign in and comment on my page and others that I read.

Tonight I thought I would play around and find a fall theme over there-I can't even get to their templates, since they upgraded, I can't find where to edit any more either so I can add tags to my posts. I would just delete everything over there, but I have a few readers I would hate to lose. but that blog just doesn't work for me-I post by cross posting from here to there. I am not that knowledeable on the computer workings-I just use them-for me it is so customer unfriendly there. sigh

and I do like reading other blogs over there on lots of things-crafts, art, food etc. so its like a library over there for me, but it just does not work for me if I want to do something over -oh well no one listens over there so posting here-lol


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