Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just My "Doings"

Yesterday turned out to be a busy day. I made the jam first thing and then I drove into town to get my hair trimmed-I grow it long and it had gotton so bad just had to be done-especially since I am taking my little trip to Indiana.
Needed a few groceries in town, and they had lots of meat marked down, so that took time to break and down, wrap and get in the freezer.
Talked to Mom and I think she is almost done with all her packing and sorting-she keeps telling us that she is too old for this job-its our job after she passes. and I said no this way when you and brother hold a big sale in the spring you can enjoy the fruits of your Signing is tomorrow and saturday the big move. It's all happened and fallen into place so smoothly for her that once she gets moved this weekend-she'll have to take a deep breath and then she'll realize it all. I'll be there early wednesday morning.
I also have been working on sewing the blocks for the quilt I am making for our newly wed friends. I finished sewing up all the blocks last night, so now they need pressed and layed out to decide the placement of the blocks and sewn together into a top. I may just get it finished before I leave.
This morning I decided to make another jam for Larry. I just cut up the second pineapple, and we had a huge bunch of grapes that were on the edge-so I went thru those last night and those are going in this jam too-cause we won't be able to eat them fast enough before they spoil. and right now they are very sweet too.
Raining this morning, I guess it will rain off and on today and then move out and be gorgeous for the next week. I keep checking on the coral mushrooms here in the woods-and still no luck. was hoping to be able to can up at least one batch before I leave. Perhaps sunday we will see some since we are getting more rain today.
I forgot to buy a brush to use for sealing the rock shower yesterday when I was in town, so after the jam making will look around the house and see if I can find one.
I have Larry all set for food in the freezer so he can find it easily, he is so bad at looking around in the freezers and deciding what he wants to make for himself. I designed some crock pot meals for him, and I was going to make a homemade pizza before I leave so he'll have left overs of that. now to get me packed-which I haven't started thinking about yet. usually I am all packed the week before leaving. I am going even lighter than usual this time, especially since Mom will now have a washer and dryer in her new home. she will feel spoiled as there are all new kitchen appliances and a dish washer too. her and I have never in our life time used a dish washer. something I have never wanted-but she now says I think I just may like that-lol
Oh and those of you that get the Food Network channel-have any of you caught Chef Irvine's Restaurant Impossible? after you watch a couple shows it's pretty much all the same format-but I find it fascinating what he and his team can accomplish in 2 days with only 10,000 dollars. and what an eye opener what some of these families get themselves into-they pay too much for the restaurants that usually does not include the buildings-that really amazes me, and some of them the kitchens were soooo dirty that Chef Irvine refused to cook in them til they were totally scrubbed up and clean again. an interesting show, and I am glad they are showing how to decorate with hardly no money.
Enjoy your thursday!


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