Monday, September 19, 2011

Healthy Mondays Apples

I just posted a link for some fabulous looking apple pies, tarts and more--so now for apples a little more on the healthier side-lol Although you can make any recipe healthier-by upgrading the flour from white flour to a whole grain pastry flour, lower the sugar a bit or use a healthy sugar substitute, and for fats I rarely use butter any more but use a good quality oil instead.
From Eating Well several recipes and tips for healthier apples here Such as their roasted apple and cheddar salad
recipe here
Healthy Apple Recipes from Food Network here
Recipes from Cooking Light here
mmmmm here is their Cinnamon Apple Cake note I think the sugar is a little high in this one, I would cut in half and also use some stevia or splenda with organic sugar
Cinnamon-Apple Cake Recipes
Better yet if you have access to a u pick orchard near you, have fun and go pick some apples and other fall goodies with friends or family a source to check here

photos found on google search


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