Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Brisk Morning = Chain Saws and Splitters

photo found on the web-not mine this time
A beautiful brisk, sunny, September morning. Hung a load of laundry out, and needed to grab a down vest for my walk with Nikita-I actually needed a light pair of gloves too-must be in the 40s out there. However, a perfect morning to cut up downed trees for firewood to keep us warm.
Mr. L came over to cut wood for his home, and Larry is out with the log splitter-the starter rope just broke so hopefully it will be an easy fix. I cab also hear some of the neighbors with their chain saws going too.
I still can't handle the wood right now cause of my back, so Larry has two piles finished, not taken up to the house yet to be stacked-they need to finish drying a bit anyways. We are so behind on this project this year, as are most people in this area-can't cut wood when its 80 degrees at daylight-lol
I think I will see if my muse is with me this morning for setting more rocks. I think a cup of my hot cocoa is in order first-lol


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