Sunday, September 4, 2011

Art Sunday Rust Dye

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do this morning, but decided on rust dye-with friend Loretta in mind.
I first tried this technique in 2008 and just love the process-its simple and fun-and green-cause you use found rusty items, use vinegar and water, and I dyed many pieces from reclaimed fabrics-men's cotton shirts, linings from wool coats, silks, and more-just check your old clothing stash or visit your resale shop. I also love to use interior decorator samples, or rust over printed fabric for stunning results. Here is a video I did back when I first started.

Above photos all came from here with many more pages to view
Below are some of my pieces, with my most recent-apples and a bear
Apples and a Bear  Mixed Fibers Quilted Wall Hanging
Rust Dyed on Country Stripes 7
Sun Painted Over Rust Dyed on Cotton 3
Rust Dyed on Butterfys 9
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