Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What I've Been Up To

Mostly still canning, or I should say mostly dicing and dicing and more dicing to can-lol
I can't do two batches per day any more, as it has been taking me about 6 hours to get all the peppers, onions, and tomatoes prepared to make into salsas and relish and then can. We are just loving the results though.
This is the best salsa I have made to can, the cilantro, lime juice, and the hot banana peppers just really made the recipe and after canned-still tastes like a fresh salsa-so this recipe is a keeper. (recipe in my recipe file)
I have made two batches of the salsa now and one batch of the hot pepper relish so far and I still have lots of peppers left. I am splitting all the batches with Mr. L as he bought half the peppers and tomatoes for me. Today I will be making more of the hot pepper relish but instead of the onions will use shredded cabbage to mix with the peppers. Makes a little different relish that way, and the cabbage is really good in a canned relish.
I have decided my bear picture is finished now, just need to locate a frame and will search first at the resale shops. I really wanted to seal it all down with the mistyfuse and tulle, but have decided with all the different layers-thin cotton next to a thicker wool-that it probably will not fuse down well, so will put this one under glass instead. I was thinking of doing a sample, which I may still do, but hate to waste the materials on a sample-but then I could design a card that could be used after the sample test I am thinking as I am typing-lol
I have ordered another bag of silk noil in fall colors, so am going to work on some pictures to sell in my etsy shop, with autumn leaves, deer and such.
I wish I could share this awesome weather week with those of you still so much in need of rain and a break from the high temps. We are actually in the 60s now early morning instead of 80s, and yesterday it rained almost all day again and stayed in the 70s. This whole week shows cool temps and rain chances every day--this week feels like fall is coming for sure now.
Mr. L gave me two very awesome rocks that he found years ago here, so am anxious to get those set in my rock wall. Haven't been back to rocking with all the canning.
That's about it here in the ozarks, I am off to take my walk with Nikita. and wow a gorgeous morning for enjoying a cup of Hot tea

Have an awesome Tuesday


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