Monday, August 29, 2011

How to put in the css code for a theme

A couple of you have asked me to help with your pages-

I really have no clue on how to do much with backgrounds, what little I do know I have learned by asking friends here.

if you want to change the background with your own photos-click on customize my site, then when the top opens up click on choose a theme and then click on custom colors. that will open up for you to put in your photos, and change the color theme, I also learned that you can put in your colors too-there are different sites that give you codes for the colors and then you just play around by copy and paste into the slots for your background, headers etc.

if you find someone that designs pages that you like, they will give you instructions first on what theme to choose-most seem to choose avlak theme so you need to first click on customize my site-then click on the theme they tell you to use that will take you back to your home page. then you need to open up customize my site again-and click on custom css-that will open up a page that you paste the css code that the designer gave you to copy. hope that helps a little.

Those of you that are more knowledgeble-please fill free to offer any helpful advise for designer our pages


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