Monday, August 22, 2011

Have an Awesome New Week!

photo found on flicker

We are in for another hot week-100s by wednesday again-sigh This morning I am catching up on laundry and hanging it on the line-great exercise for me-since the line is a good walk from the house-and good for stretching too.

I started to quilt the latest bear picture, I backed it with a piece of my hand dyed onion skins cotton-blends in so nice with the rust dye piece in the front.

I am cleaning up all of our leathers too-needed to get into this big trunk, decided I wanted to turn it for more room-so that meant emptying it-good thing-cause the mink oil we put on the leathers came to surface-so need to rub out all the white stuff-and discovering my chaps don't fit anymore-sigh-but then I was a 105 pounds when these were bought-and now I am closer to 130-so I need to get serious about losing some inches again-although I definately don't want to get that thin again.

making wild turkey soup today with rice noodles, and probably work on some other domestic stuff that needs to get done.

Enjoy your new week!!--discover something new, read a new book, give someone a big hug, and smile when I get down about stuff, I remind myself-I am alive and living in a beautiful place-


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