Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Couple of Blog Things-it's all Deb's fault-lol

These are fun and can be addictive
You Are Wise
You are a prudent and rational person. You try not to do anything you regret, and if you do, you learn form your mistake.
You are educated or at the very least knowledgable. You have a perception that most people lack.

You've learned to be vigilant in your life. You are pretty much always on guard.
No matter how old you actually are, you are quite seasoned. You are experienced and worldly.
You Are Freedom Loving
You are laid back and easygoing with people. Too much intensity tires you out.
You believe that there is a lot to still be discovered in this world, and you're hoping to find some of it.

You are blessed with an enormous amount of self-confidence. You love who you are.
Structure and rules bore you. Even worse - they make you feel stifled.
Your Spirit Flower is the Iris
You are social and gregarious. You make other people feel at ease.
You are a natural healer. You can make almost anyone cheer up simply by being around.

You take time to reflect on the beauty of life. You have your own private rituals that you draw strength from.
You are a wholesome person. You live a low-key, low drama, and healthy life.


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