Sunday, July 24, 2011

What I have been Creating Today-a little fiber art-lol

I shared this project awhile back, and it wasn't going well so put it away. I have had one of those "in the way" migrane headaches since yesterday afternoon, I think this heat is finally getting to me. I wasn't up to more rocks, or weaving, so I went back to this project.
I started auditioning fabrics a couple days ago, and have ended up making lots of changes-I decided to use only my own hand dyes in this piece. My very first time at dyeing resulted in these fabulous fabrics that I have admired now since I retired here and didn't want to cut into them. I think this fabric picture will do them proud. I don't usually do any kind of kits, or something like this, but I had a chance to buy this pattern at half off, and wanted to see how this kind of applique would go together, and we both love bears too.
This designer designs a whole quilt with different blocks like this, that can either stand alone or you would put it all together. She designs really cool stuff, but if you did the whole piece one would have almost $100.00 in just the patterns-too much for me.
The yellow piece I had switched up batiks twice, then chose one of my sun painted pieces in a light green, and then I remembered that sun painted over rust dye on reclaimed lining that I just completed-and I love it in this. It adds a little texture to the piece.
I couldn't get a really good photo, but you can see it pretty well. It is not really as dark as it looks here. I didn't have a blue sky that I liked that well in batiks either, so when I went with only my own hand dyes-this worked the best, although a little darker than I wanted-I like it, kinda looks like a storm coming up.
Once these fabrics are all fused down with mistyfuse, I can start on all the mulberry branches and decide on the bears. I have some dark browns from this dye lot that will work well, I am also deciding if I want to use wool and needle felt in the bears. But I am finally pleased with the outcome so far. Still have this headache, but at least I accomplished something today-lol


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