Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sigh This blog still has major tech issues

   For the past several months now, things just keep getting worse here-technically speaking. It started out that when I am at your blog and want to favorite it-I can't-I have to copy and paste to my own dashboard.
   Now, I can't comment on your blog or my blog, I can't stay signed in-I sign in it takes me to dashboard-tells me I am signed in-so I go to my blog-and nope not signed in again-and it continues.
   I miss signing up for giveaways-cause I can't comment any wheres-and mostly not being able to comment on my blog-thats pretty bad.
  I have looked over the site here on blogger and can't find anywhere to contact someone.
   any ideas??? on how I can get my blog fixed so I can actually enjoy using it again?? thanks all


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