Friday, July 1, 2011

Serenaded in the Wild Blackberry Patch

When one's weather has these extremes in heat and humidity, we have to do anything we want to do outside before 9 am. So after Nikita's walk and me watering all my outside plants, I decided to check out the wild blackberries. Mr. L had said yesterday that his berries close by were getting ripe.
My usual spot that I like, behind the back pond is not so good any more and needs to be cut down. There is still one section that has the really big berries that were just coming on.
There is also a new patch that started up on itself behind our front pond by the house-I was able to pick just a few there-including a handful of those super large ones you can see in the upper right corner of the collander.
So I decided to go into the woods where the guys discovered the raspberries, cause right next to those is a huge blackberry patch. This is a nice patch cause it is shaded being in the woods, so don't have that hot sun beating down on ya.
This patch was alot of work as I had to go inside the patch to be able to pick enough to do something with. So even though I sprayed I am sure I will covered with chiggers and some ticks, and hopefully not poison ivy-as I saw that too.
So is it worth you ask-to come home covered with bugs and your clothes drenched. and your hands all scratched up?? of course it is! The reward is--they taste so good, and it brings me back to my pioneer roots-I love that. While picking the birds were singing away, and the deer were running by-I am sure this is their patch too.
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