Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's Too Hot to Handle-lol

I have been doing my thing, going inside and outside with laundry on and off the line, and doing my rust dye project. This last time, wow definate overkill-too hot to handle, so I said to myself-no more loads of wash for today.

Now you know it's gotta be hot out there if the flannel sheets dry in about 30 minutes on the line, and you realy know it's gotta me hot out there if I got rust transfer on cloth in less than 3 hours.

So I brought the fabric in, some of it needs more dye of some sort, and some of it turned out really cool-these are art cloth pieces that one embelishes more with fun stuff and stitches, and turns it into a wall hanging, or perhaps cloth for a hip purse or part of a quilt etc.

I have sold about 3 pieces of works on etsy which pleases me-cause I love making it. I am working on "stepping up my pieces" more, so they will be more interesting.

well I just checked the weather-says its 98 degrees-says to stay in the house, and its only 1 pm here. So I guess I am in the house now except to gather the last load of laundry in a bit.

I am glad now Larry did not go fishing on the lake, they really really wanted to go-but I think these conditions would be hot out on a lake, so am happy he is safe here at home.

Ok, I am off to see what else I can in to, I think I am ready for another one of those gigantic marshmallows made into a smore. lol

Oh, and for my new readers, I had made a video about rust dyeing, I will see if I still have it-if so will me on my home page


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