Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Hot Sunday

It is not often that when I go to the weather channel on the net it says that the actual temp, will be 100 degrees, so with our high humidity 115 degree heat index-that's hot.

I decided a perfect day to play with rust dyeing. I have an old basket filled with rusty finds-so I decided to do that this morning-will definately be hot enough for this-lol. I am going to rust dye over a sun painted piece, and I have also some fabric that was dipped in a weak black walnut solution as a base-so I have that going today.

I haven't been able to hang out the laundry cause the lines needed to be retied, and the grass was too tall. Larry has fixed the mower twice now-kept breaking parts-so he has everything mowed and looking pretty here. So I am got that done, and will do a couple loads of laundry to try it out. sheets and towels should be a good test lol

being stuck in the house mostly again due to the extreme heat, I think I will be bouncing around today with some weaving, maybe some rug hooking, maybe looking at my new quilt book. I picked up from my crafters book club a new book from Better Homes and Gardens on scrappy quilts. I always love their books, there was a holiday sale going on last weekend, most any book for 10.99 and free shipping-that works for me lol

stay cool my friends


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