Friday, July 8, 2011

Going to a Fiber Fest Tomorrow

Sandy and I went to this last year, and I always enjoy walking thru the booths for weavers and spinners-always lots of fabulous eye candy to gaze at.
This is actually an alpaca event and they have just recently expanded it further. Lots of classes available and lots of vendors.
Tomorrow and all next week the extreme heat returns-it seems endless this year-sigh we had an extreme winter so I guess the extreme summer compliments it.
I decided to make pizza tonight. Was going to bake it on the grill, but it got too windy here, and I am always concerned about fires here, especially now that the grasses are very very dry. I didn't have any more spelt flour on hand so I made it totally gluten free with bobs red mills pizza mix. I always have this on hand but I mix in other flours to make it a baking mix. I really was not happy with this as pizza crust-so won't make it that way again.
My weaving is progressing nicely, I am half finished with the first towel now. and for not weaving steady since the 80s, I am quite happy with my edges. they don't seem too pulled in, although in the beginning I had a little trouble catching all the threads nicely on the sides-which happens sometimes with these drafts-but looking good now. I weave as a break for about a half an hour thru out the day.
enjoy your weekend all-doing anything fun exciting??


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