Thursday, July 7, 2011

Giant Roasters-Marshmallows

I don't know how long these have been on the market, but this year is the first I have ever seen them-I just Had to buy a package-lol
I know sugar overload, but smores are my number one treat in the summer. Now that I have learned how to microwave them-wow so much easier. I do miss the flavor of roasting them over a fire, but the temps are just way too hot here this summer for grilling outside.
and this is the only time I go off my gluten free diet, when I get sick after a couple days of these-it's been sooo worth it-lol
I didn't realize how huge these marshmallows were, til I put one marshmallow on a half of graham cracker with dark chocolate. wow in just 5 seconds I had instant melted marshmallow all over the plate-too funny actually.

so I decided to make another one, cut the marshamallow in half and make one that way-perfect-but when I got to the second way-way too much sugar-so Nikita was happy to finish for me-lol she loved every bite too.

so have any of you tried these yet?? I was also happy to see the camp fire brand again as that is the brand we also at home in Indiana when we were kids.
(note photos found on google search)


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