Friday, June 24, 2011

Weaving Project-Progress

Yesterday morning, I woke up around 3:30 am and so just ended up staying up. So I tackled the warping again. I needed to spend several hours removing all the fuzz and knotted up area in the middle-this happens do to the texture in this yarn.
So off and on thru the day yesterday I beamed on more of the warp-and I no longer have a big pile of threads on the floor-Yeh!! Just a little pile. Hoping to get finished up with this part of the process over the weekend.
Since this warp has so much texture in it, I used lots of sticks during the winding process-this helps with the tension and keeps the threads from sticking to each other thru the layers. I am using thick paper now to finish up since I used up my all the sticks.
Today my friend and I went food shopping, and we also checked out the blueberry patch too. The new owners have alot of work ahead of them straightening up the patch-there won't be any more berries this year, but hopefully next year. The previous owners let the patch go, and didn't take care of it-so was a real mess-full of weeds, and hadn't been pruned and taken care of. So, bummer no blueberries again this year.
Tomorrow is angel food pick up day, so after that hope to be back on the weaving project. Want ot also get started back on putting up rocks in the bathroom project. These rocks will go up half way the walls around the vintage claw foot tub area.
Enjoy your weekend


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