Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weaving Progress

The first photo I just took-the warp in place I like it is suppose to be, and now the threading, then sley (thread) thru the reed, and then tie off-and weave-lol
The last two photos I took over the weekend. The middle thread shows those threads getting all knotted up and hooked on to each other with a thick fuzz-the texture in the yarn. This came up 3 more times over the weekend, where I had to go thread by thread and get them apart.
the last photo shows the the yarp off the floor in piles-yeh!!
I really did everything out of order for this project, as you can see, if you are weaver, my loom is not even tied up yet to the harnesses and lamms so I can weave. That should have been done first, but I just wanted to jump right in and get a warp on-lol I had purchased a really nice tie up kit about 10 years ago, for this loom and also for my big loom-so anxious to do that too


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