Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weaving Progress-or not?

This first weaving project after many many years of not weaving has turned out to be quite a mental challenge-and patience, and perseverance-lol
I recommend anyone that did a craft at one time 20 or 30 years ago-don't rely on memories but get out your books and reread the process.
I learned in the 70s to warp my loom from back to front which at the time was a little different than what most people were taught. The reasoning my teacher gave us, it was much easier on the warp threads.
I also, for a first project chose a more difficult warp-lots of texture which has given me Lots of fits thru the process-it attaches itself to other threads and sometimes knots up, and well basicly makes the process much more difficult .
I ended up unthreading everything and starting over the right way. Has been a big mess to straighten things out and get tied on to the back beam.
Today I was finally ready to beam the warp-and the textured yarn has definitely been a challenge. With the help of a friendly helpful contact from my yahoo weaving group-she has given me several tips. One was to use gallon jugs of water to help hold the tension. All the threads need to be under tension while getting all the warp on to the back beam.
So perseverance and patience has prevailed and today I managed to get about a third of the warp on-I have 6 yards total to get on. Progress!-I think lol

The first photos is the back and so far looks good, threads in order and good tension, second photo shows the trouble area, the textures stick to each other and makes it slow going, the last photo is the back of the loom and you see the jugs of water holding down the warp threads


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