Tuesday, June 21, 2011

troubles with my blog here

For some time now I am having trouble commenting on blogs-even my own, it says I am not signed in-but I am-and then won't post my comments

so here is my comment for my last blog

Anonymous said...thank you both, I have decided to keep it and use the quilt and enjoy it while I have it. I started thinking of museums since I have no one to pass this on down to. I will continue searching though.

an the more I have thought of the possibility of this quilt being sold-I am not happy, so I am also going to search for a textile museum and check on their policies.

I have ordered a handmade journal to be made to go along with the quilt-it also has handmade papers too, so am excited to get it. I did find photos of my great grandparents, and wonderful photo taken back in 1955 of my grandparents, and my parents along with us three kids-I was 6 at that time. so will be including those with the journal. I also found some other archival papers too.


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