Monday, June 20, 2011

IYour Input Requested on my Great Grandma's Quilt

Those of you that have been reading some of my more recent posts, know that I have been in the process of researching our family history and putting it together, along with photos, that I can compile together into a handmade journal. This will be given along with the quilt when we donate it to the local museum in Nappanne, In.

The contact person for this at the museum has been very helpful along the way, as I think of questions I asked them and she gets back to me right away. A few hours ago I was talking with Larry about this, and he said one thing you may want to learn about it-most museums can and do sell your donated items. It happened to him years ago, when he donated a very vintage collection to a museum in Wisconsin, and inquiring about not seeing his pieces, they informed them they sold all of them.

This had never ever occured to me. My goal was to find a safe place for the future, and so the local community could also enjoy the quilt. So, I call Mom, ask her what she thinks about this.

Her reply?? Well I have never been attached to the quilt. Growing up, the quilt was always folded up and in the closet (her mom had made it for her 16th birthday) and the following year her mom perished in the great flu epidemic, when my Mom received the quilt, she did the same thing; fold it up and it sat in the closet the entire time she owned it. When I received it, I basicly have done the same cause I was trying to preserve the history of the quilt. Mom, says if you are attached to the quilt and only concerned about it's history-then don't worry about it, and go ahead as planned. If you care for the quilt-who says you can't just use it and enjoy the quilt.

Wow, what a concept to me-use and and just enjoy Great Grandma's quilt that she had made with love for her daughter. Larry says, I'm sure your Great Grandma never made the quilt thinking it would go into a museum.

So, now I am thinking mmmm maybe I will do just that. Sooooo, what do you think?


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