Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's Wednesday Already

Even though I am retired now and don't go to work, I figured this week would fly by fast do to the holiday on monday. and it does seem to be doing just that.

Being so hot and humid here, I got up early to get food I needed for when I am on my trip. I put together a bag to take for me-little mini juice drinks, mini organic milk, tuna pouches, some candy, some blue corn chips to go with the tuna, and a dried fruit and almond mix too-and that bag is pretty heavy too.

I looked for easy stuff for Larry to fix-he really does not do any cooking any more-and I told him he can't eat brats every day either-lol So I set aside in the frig's freezer lots of different meat choices for him, some he can throw in the crock pot, and ice cream too for a treat.

So food wise we are all set for us and the cats and Nikita. Sunday June 5th will be our 29th wedding anniversary. Larry's favorite is ribs-so I got a slab of them to make for us on Sunday-I may just test out a smoker that was given to us-different than what I am used to using.

We liked my grandma's bean salad so much, that I made up another big bowl for the frig. It will keep fine for over a week and Larry really liked it. I thought if I have room in the frig, I would make up a jello salad and maybe some homemade fresh tapioca pudding too-give him some easy stuff to grab, maybe a dozen hard boiled eggs too.

Bummer I had to handle the cat food and dog food bags three times today-so now my back is killing me-gotta go do some stretches-before I work on my weaving project again-would like to get that threaded and tied off before I leave.

Webs yarns was having a really big anniversary sale on alot of their yarns, so I ordered a little bit of cotton for more towels in different colors, and ordered the wool I needed for my leather shawl-cocoon project. It ended last night so I went ahead and ordered it, Mom always gives me some money to spend-same amount she has given my brother for his projects thru the past year-so I will have money to pay for the yarn-I didn't want to miss out on the sale. the wool I bought was 5.00 off per skein and I ordered 4, and same with the cotton cones they were 4.00 off per cone.

well, I see its after 1:30 pm already and haven't eaten anything yet today-need to go do that-probably a protein shake. Later


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