Thursday, June 30, 2011

Alot of us are in for Heat Wave

Here in the ozarks we are definately in for a very very hot week ahead. The heat will be building more and more every day til we get into those upwards of 110 or more heat indexes.

I remember the year before I retired, Larry was already living down here then-about 6 months ahead of me, and I had planned a mini vacation around the 4th of July and one of our neighbor friends was coming down this way too, to meet his friends-so I rode along. We had these extreme weather conditions then too.

and this is the week that wild blackberries are ready for picking-always seems to be so hot for blackberry picking.

This morning I got caught up on house cleaning and scrubbing, making up cold beverages for Larry to have in the frig, and I also made jello with strawberries and the last of the blueberries, cut up the last of our melons, and I also decided to make some fermented cabbage-or kimche. Back when I was really sick and I couldn't digest hardly any foods, one of the things I had read about was fermenting cabbage in a Japanese press. You can actually pickle any fresh veggie this way. you just layer with a good salt and keep pressing so the liquid it makes covers everything. Depending on the temperature in your kitchen, this takes about 3 to 4 days. When it breaks down it is all fermented with very healthy enzymes and such, kinda like eating a good yogurt. So I got that going too, Larry loves this too. I actually like the cabbage made this way better than making fresh sauerkraut-and this way is easy to make in small batches.

this is similiar to the one I have

I think I am ready for a break, so after Larry has lunch I think we will go out and visit our friend Mr. L and then when we get back will work on getting my loom threaded. I would like to get this threaded and all tied down-so Idon't lose anything, and then get to putting up rocks in the bathroom, and also scrub down and then seal my rock shower.
Stay cool and safe all of you going thru this heat wave as well.


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