Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Work on my Rock Shower Begins Again

I was planning on spraying a big section of weeds where our front of the house is and where Nikita stays-but the weather is so wierd-it feels like a big rain shower could just come down any minute. The humidity feels like you could wring the air out with a dish rag-lol
So, decided I did not want to take a chance and waste my time and money on that project. I put up more humingbird feeders, and I expanded a little garden "room" under the big maple tree that sits next to the front of the house, and overlooks the front pond-the tree I take pictures of in the fall with those gorgeous reds. The branches come down low-with lots of character and it stays shady under there til about 4pm in the summer-so a nice place. and so far I haven't had the ticks fall on me under there-some trees here you can't sit under cause of the ticks-I do not like those things at all. but comes with Missouri. sigh
I have my etsy sewing orders all caught up now, so a good day to begin again on the shower.-yeh!! it feels so good to just get started again. Like any thing that is usually the hardest part-just getting started.
I really don't have much left to finish on this last wall-maybe 8" up the whole width, and then there is a couple other spots in the shower that I need to rock as well-the "plan" is to complete the rocking before I go on my Indiana trip to visit Mom.
There are some tiles and nasty glue that needs to come off in the walk in area-so maybe I can get Larry to do that while I am gone. If time permits I may start to seal this too-once sealed we can use it-"happy dancing" and then take out the claw foot tub to rennovate and I can get the rocks up on those walls this summer too.
I am hoping I can stay focused and get our bathroom done-alot of work to do in there-but I have fun playing with the walls-and we are going to have some really cool features in there.
I will share a photo again once this wall I am working on is completed. I got 10 rocks up this morning. I decided not to do a second batch, because the area I am working on-have my arms up over my head and shoulders and my neck is back-that is going to give me a little pain til I get used to it again.
so off to the heating pad, and back on those embroidery blocks


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