Monday, May 16, 2011

Well After Probably 20 plus hours in the Craft Room-------

When I got the little loom out of here, and then started looking for stuff I needed-the mess began-lol---I have opened up some floor space, rearranged some items, put all the wool on one side etc, moved the ironing board (its a vintage one too) to the opposite side of the room-I think we can pull my 45" rug loom away from the wall-up towards the desk-just enough so I can walk thru-and should have enough room on both sides to throw a shuttle. If not, may need to angle this a bit-I need to locate some mats to put under this so it won't move on me too-what job-as this loom is extremely heavy.
Next up-is to clean these floors and get the dust out of there, and proceed some more tomorrow-I just realized it's 1 pm and I started before 7 am time to get outside for some chores

The top photo is my big loom that needs to move forward, in the front of photo with quilt on top-is our treadle leather sewing maching. and all those boxes in the back by loom are all filled with jeans to weave into placemats etc
next photo is a little area I changed around, moved my button collection over there, my embroidery threads, herbs I use for sachets etc.and that wooded stand will sit behind the loom holding cones of threads to weave long yardage right off the cones, I need to get or make a tension box for that.
third photo same area just a clear shot-I now have an actual path to the warp frame-lol-on that side of the loom everything is filled with lots of wool, and weaving threads
fourth photo, is behind my little loom with weaving items I need.


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