Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We Got the Sunshine Back

Quite chilly this morning, but great to have the sunshine again.
It was so chilly here yesterday, that I had the wood stove going in the living room all day. I also decided it was a good day to bake, so I made two of my famous cherry pies too. I made ours gluten free (so I could eat it too-lol) and this time for the crust I used a little spelt flour, sorghum flour, brown rice flour, and almond flour-and I always make my crusts with lard and ice water. It turned out excellent. The other one I made for our friend that lets me pick fruit at his little orchard.
We hadn't visited him in awhile, he recently lost his wife of 62 years, to complications with diabetes, and it was good to see him smiling and laughing a bit yesterday. He is in his late 80s and still puts in a little garden, tends his orchard, hunts, and cuts lots and lots of grass. Goof for him-I wish the younger generation would give off their electronics and enjoy life more like our elders do.
I also started a new creative project to put on my etsy shop. I flower pounded 4 small pieces last week, and I decided this one I am working on to really embellish with glass beads, embroidery stitches, and wool needle felting-I just finished one and I love it. I will back it with on of my hand dye pieces and turn into a little pillow. I think I will stuff this one with wool. I had coffee dyed the cotton first before the flower pounding-so I decided to name it "Spring Pounded on Coffee" lol
Neighbor friend says by friday we will be in the 70s, so a good work outside day. I need to spray weeds in where Nikita stays, and mix up soil to plant pots for my flowers and things. I hope the rains stay away for awhile. still alot of flooding in Missouri.
Enjoy your Tuesday


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