Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We Checked out an Amish Garden Auction

I should have taken my camera with today, didn't think about it til we got there, but this was something I wasn't familiar with-a flower and garden produce auction-locally grown. (Note: I know from growing up, my grandma lived amongst the amish community, that it is usually ok to take photos-if not posed, from a distance, and best to ask permission first)

The amish community near us-outside Bennett Springs,takes about 45 minutes or more to get there, is named Leadmine. This is where we go to their bulk food store to purchase boxes of cherries, pears etc to put up. Mr. L told us this winter he had found out they were building an auction house. He went last week, and wanted to go again today.

Right now it's mostly flowers and hanging baskets. You have to really listen to the auctioneer so you now what all your buying. Sometimes you are bidding on something but that bid is times 2 baskets, or 12 plants-or even up to 40 plants. If I wouldn't have already purchased my flowers already-this would have been a much better value. These stunning hanging baskets-that I would say would sell upwards to 18.00 or more were going for 4 and 5 dollars each. The highest baskets I saw were these gorgeous lavender flowered geraniums for 6.00 a basket-had to take both baskets-but that was a bargain.

They did have a row of produce and that's what we were wanting to bid on-or see how the prices would go. But after being there over 2 hours-they still had a fourth row of flowers so we left. They had really nice looking flats of strawberries, tomatoes, green beans, turnips, head lettuce, onions, broccoli, etc. I didn't realize that in the back roads of this area there are rows of greenhouses-and that is where they are growing all these items now. I am hoping this summer to be able to buy produce for canning and freezing.

I am used to seeing this many amish gathered together when I visit my Mom in Indiana, but this was the first time here-very fun to watch all the little children come in with their families by horse and wagons. There was a gorgeous pair of belgian draft horses that was leading a large wagon that caught our eye.

This will be interesting to see how this works out-and in july and august they will have the auction 3 days a week, now it is twice a week. So an interesting and fun day today.

I looked online and these seem to be getting quite common, check in your area and see if you have a mennonite or amish community near you.


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