Saturday, May 28, 2011

Turned Out to be a Nice Day

We had planned yesterday, to go in today to our resale shops and drop off stuff to resell, and I really really needed some clothes for my trip.

I have gotton down to no nice clothes, and the few jeans I have don't fit-they are either way too big on me, or they are a tad too tight. I still have my victoria secrets jeans that I need to get back down to 112 to 117 pound to wear-don't really want to be that thin again-but I don't want to throw away my favorite jeans either-lol. acutally if I got into doing sit ups and some really good exercising I could lose a few inches and get into them-but hasn't happened yet.

Anyways, a big rain storm came thru early morning, and then quit by the time we left. I forgot how tiring and how long it takes to try on lots of clothes. I tried on clothes from around 10 to 1pm, but I came away with a big big bag of clothes all 80% off and 3 items 50% off for $15.00-and I had $12.00 coming from what things I sold so that turned out really well. Came away with a couple nice silk blouses, lots of tank tops, a couple nice looking pants, and a really nice looking one piece pant with top made of linen-so I have some nice looking clothes now for my trip. Thanks to neighbor friend Sandy for helping me with all these clothes.

When we got home, I started on the picnic food as the party has changed to tomorrow instead of monday. I made the bean salad-and I forgot how good this was. I ended up adding in 4 cans of beans-the green beans, wax beans, kidney beans, and white kidney beans. I used honey for part of the sugar, sprinkled in some hot red pepper flakes, a little italian herbs, and black pepper. It made a big bowl so we had some with dinner tonight-really good. I also decided to make up a dozen deviled eggs-even if someone else brings those, they always run out of them.

sooo, I am good to go for tomorrow. I am really tired and still sore from the rocks yesterday-but I am so glad that part is finished. I told Larry he needs to finish stapling up the metal screening in this one section near the bath tub, and I will start setting rocks on that wall next week.

tomorrow promises to jump right up to the 90s and be hot and humid-it was definately a bad allergy day today.

Have an awesome holiday weekend all


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