Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sunny Saturday and few Blooms

Well, bummer I finally got access to the computer-Larry has been working his business all day on it, so I wrote this long blog-didn't save as draft, as I was looking for some photos-and it all got deleted-sigh so here is a shorten version-
I took these photos a couple days ago between the rains. Our wisteria is in it's 4th year now from being transplanted along the fence; so with the cool spring, and lots of rains they are beautiful this year, the most blooms we have gotton. The are blooming on both sides of the fence too. In one photo you can see that it has attached itself to the maple too.
This is the maple that is forming this really cool garden room. I was trying to get a photo but couldn't get a good view. I took a shot into the "ceiling" of the maple instead. It is low in spots and just provides a nice sitting area in the shade and near our pond. I have hung a couple hanging planters with inpatients, and also lots of humingbird feeders-so a nice spot. and "grandma kitty" calico loves the new smoker for resting.
I have been getting up in the morning and after getting limber enough to work again-I get right on the rocks and stick with it for about 4 to 5 hours. I got another 15 rocks up today-yeh! That last wall should be done in 2 to 3 more sessions, and I have started on the piece that we walk under. So I am still on schedule for getting all the rocks up in the shower before my Indiana trip. happy dancing
and the nicest thing about today was a wonderful sunny day-no rain like the weatherman predicted
Enjoy your weekend!


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