Friday, May 20, 2011

Still Raining

We seem to be getting close to 2 inches or more a day now of rain-and it comes down really hard. We are really saturated now-but our property is not in danger of flooding-thank goodness.

Our ponds are full to capacity now though, and the one by the house is overflowing in the back now to a field. The back pond is very very deep and holds lots of water. Thru the years we have lived here, I have marked with stakes and rocks when it gets higher than the last mark. It has passed the last mark now-from when we got alot of rain last year-and when we look towards that pond from the house-it is so high now it looks almost like a lake is back there-we usually can not see any water from the pond up at the house. and more rains to come. There is lots of flooding in the low areas here, Branson area is flooded now. so we definitely don't need any more rain in the ozarks for awhile.

This morning I put up rocks in the shower for over 5 hours-so making progress. I went back into my craft room too, and sorted thru some other areas-I got this huge bag of items for card making down to a more smaller more reasonable size-and I can actually see what I have available now too-that was good.

I am also going thru back issues of a weaving magazine-I have taken off and on since first published in 1978. The first 15 years of the magazine was excellent-now not so great. They do have a pretty good site online with information and some free patterns-so will check that out more.

I knew I didn't have much in the way of cotton warp in my stash, so I am looking for patterns of interest and seeing what I can make with I what have on hand, and also making a list of a warp stash too that I will need.

I would love to make some kitchen and bath towels, and when I get to the 45" loom I think I would like to make a blanket, and I love shawls and cocoons so marking patterns for those too. I think I found some cottons that will work for a couple kitchen towels-so that may be my first project. So far I have not taken the time to think thru the tie up on my 30" loom-as I know once that is done-I will have to get a warp on-and weave--lol

One project I had started on, was making weft thread from soft leather that I cut into strips and looped together. At the time I was planning this-was working on a pattern and threads to either make placemats with it, or I would love a cocoon made with this. Was thinking of alternating a throw of leather with a soft wool or mohair, on either a wool warp or linen-not sure yet. Still going thru my past notes.

Tomorrow is pick up angel food day-and I have a couple boxes coming this time-the 35.00 box was an excellent choice this month so that will put a variety of meat into the freezer for us.

That's about it for doings here-can't do much outside with all the rains-and now super high grass everywhere too.


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