Friday, May 27, 2011

Rock Shower-Photos of Last of the Rocks

The first photo is for my friend Agnes in France-this is a shelf I put in, and her rock is to the left brown and above a white rock-it will work out as a hook that will hold a scrubbie.
The next photos are what I just completed-from right to left. I was not happy that I put three similar colors of rocks in a row-but was not about to change it at this point-lol-I pretty much ran out of really unique rocks-but I think this section still turned out nice. The last photo has a large blackish rock which I found this morning when I took Nikita for a walk-I decided to put it in-cause it matches alot of really big rocks to the left of it-and it will remind me of Nikita cause the colors are similiar to her fur color. I also wrote in 2011 in that area. Where I started on the first wall is written 2007
Probably next week I will do a recap blog with videos, slideshows etc from the beginning of this project. I have many Yahoo 360 friends that have followed along with me from the beginning and I have many friends from Yahoo 360 that sent me rocks-France, Wales, North Carolina, Arizona, New Mexico, Indiana, all over really. thanks so much again.


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