Saturday, May 14, 2011

Loom Photos

This is my 30" J Made loom, all handmade out of maple from Oregon. I bought this when I was living in Denver, Co back in 78. I had just got my job with the phone company-which I ended up retiring from, was going thru a divorce, and always dreamed of weaving. So, I took a few classes and bought this loom. They are no longer in business-but at the time this was the best I could find at a price I could afford-and was 30" weaving width-so that was a good thing too. The bummer about weaving-is that all the equipment and everything that goes with it is just so expensive, es[ecially now-need to find someone that make the accessories instead.
This should work out to be a nice spot-I am in the corner-facing the big screen tv, the wood stove will be to the right, and I am close to the kitchen as well. yep my bench is an old milk can-never had a bench made-and this has worked for me since the late 80s-will see if my lower back can still handle it.
I don't have the tie up yet-I need to find my txslov (that's nt the right spelling-sorry)system-I bought years ago and haven't tried it-suppose to be much easier for changing the patterns around on the lams.


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