Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm Warping Up my Loom this Afternoon

Decided not to go to town early this morning, cause of possible storms moving in. Too too hot and humid out there to do anything outside, soooo about an hour ago I finished measuring out the warp-and decided to go ahead and start threading.
If I get it completed before I leave for Indiana that will be a good thing, then I just need to do the tie ups and will be ready to weave kitchen towels. This is a very old weave structure a 2/3 twill, so I can play around with colors etc. This will make up 6 towels I think the pattern said. This will give me good practice in weaving again before I make what I really want to make soon.
I cut up soft leather into weft and will pack that in with mohair, and the warp will be a strong worsted wool. I have envisioned this project for awhile and started on the leather strips before retirement. I will make this into a shawl or a cocoon warp. I think it will be really awesome to wear in the fall.
This weaving project reminds me to never lose your true passions, especially in the arts and crafts no matter how old you are getting. Sure it is taking me longer to set up do to my pain issues, but wow threading the loom makes me feel so happy, I have always loved the process of weaving.
I mailed off a big box of clothes to my Mom in Indiana, it weighed 15 pounds so glad I decided to do that. I am not strong enough to handle several pieces of luggage on and off buses any more. I am hoping to just have a small carry on piece, some food and my purse. I will be leaving next week and be gone a week so when I stop posting next week you'll know I am on greyhound-lol
later-off to thread some more heddles


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