Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm Warping Up my Loom this Afternoon

Decided not to go to town early this morning, cause of possible storms moving in. Too too hot and humid out there to do anything outside, soooo about an hour ago I finished measuring out the warp-and decided to go ahead and start threading.
If I get it completed before I leave for Indiana that will be a good thing, then I just need to do the tie ups and will be ready to weave kitchen towels. This is a very old weave structure a 2/3 twill, so I can play around with colors etc. This will make up 6 towels I think the pattern said. This will give me good practice in weaving again before I make what I really want to make soon.
I cut up soft leather into weft and will pack that in with mohair, and the warp will be a strong worsted wool. I have envisioned this project for awhile and started on the leather strips before retirement. I will make this into a shawl or a cocoon warp. I think it will be really awesome to wear in the fall.
This weaving project reminds me to never lose your true passions, especially in the arts and crafts no matter how old you are getting. Sure it is taking me longer to set up do to my pain issues, but wow threading the loom makes me feel so happy, I have always loved the process of weaving.
I mailed off a big box of clothes to my Mom in Indiana, it weighed 15 pounds so glad I decided to do that. I am not strong enough to handle several pieces of luggage on and off buses any more. I am hoping to just have a small carry on piece, some food and my purse. I will be leaving next week and be gone a week so when I stop posting next week you'll know I am on greyhound-lol
later-off to thread some more heddles

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Turned Out to be a Nice Day

We had planned yesterday, to go in today to our resale shops and drop off stuff to resell, and I really really needed some clothes for my trip.

I have gotton down to no nice clothes, and the few jeans I have don't fit-they are either way too big on me, or they are a tad too tight. I still have my victoria secrets jeans that I need to get back down to 112 to 117 pound to wear-don't really want to be that thin again-but I don't want to throw away my favorite jeans either-lol. acutally if I got into doing sit ups and some really good exercising I could lose a few inches and get into them-but hasn't happened yet.

Anyways, a big rain storm came thru early morning, and then quit by the time we left. I forgot how tiring and how long it takes to try on lots of clothes. I tried on clothes from around 10 to 1pm, but I came away with a big big bag of clothes all 80% off and 3 items 50% off for $15.00-and I had $12.00 coming from what things I sold so that turned out really well. Came away with a couple nice silk blouses, lots of tank tops, a couple nice looking pants, and a really nice looking one piece pant with top made of linen-so I have some nice looking clothes now for my trip. Thanks to neighbor friend Sandy for helping me with all these clothes.

When we got home, I started on the picnic food as the party has changed to tomorrow instead of monday. I made the bean salad-and I forgot how good this was. I ended up adding in 4 cans of beans-the green beans, wax beans, kidney beans, and white kidney beans. I used honey for part of the sugar, sprinkled in some hot red pepper flakes, a little italian herbs, and black pepper. It made a big bowl so we had some with dinner tonight-really good. I also decided to make up a dozen deviled eggs-even if someone else brings those, they always run out of them.

sooo, I am good to go for tomorrow. I am really tired and still sore from the rocks yesterday-but I am so glad that part is finished. I told Larry he needs to finish stapling up the metal screening in this one section near the bath tub, and I will start setting rocks on that wall next week.

tomorrow promises to jump right up to the 90s and be hot and humid-it was definately a bad allergy day today.

Have an awesome holiday weekend all

Friday, May 27, 2011

Rock Shower-Photos of Last of the Rocks

The first photo is for my friend Agnes in France-this is a shelf I put in, and her rock is to the left brown and above a white rock-it will work out as a hook that will hold a scrubbie.
The next photos are what I just completed-from right to left. I was not happy that I put three similar colors of rocks in a row-but was not about to change it at this point-lol-I pretty much ran out of really unique rocks-but I think this section still turned out nice. The last photo has a large blackish rock which I found this morning when I took Nikita for a walk-I decided to put it in-cause it matches alot of really big rocks to the left of it-and it will remind me of Nikita cause the colors are similiar to her fur color. I also wrote in 2011 in that area. Where I started on the first wall is written 2007
Probably next week I will do a recap blog with videos, slideshows etc from the beginning of this project. I have many Yahoo 360 friends that have followed along with me from the beginning and I have many friends from Yahoo 360 that sent me rocks-France, Wales, North Carolina, Arizona, New Mexico, Indiana, all over really. thanks so much again.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rock Shower Update

The three walls are finished I put the last rock up in that right corner near the rock that looks like a boot. The dark black piece near it is a petrified shell-one I got from Deb the Gardener. Happy Dancing!!
Now on to that last piece-the upper arch piece we walk under into the shower. Cause of the angle I could not get it all in one photo so I took two photos.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ok A Couple Photos of What is Left To Do on my Rock Shower Art Sunday

The first photo is what is left to do on the three walls-Yeh!! and the second photo is what we walk under to get into the shower-could not quite get all of it in the photo. I need to get that bottom row on first-so the rocks won't slide off while I am working on setting them-lol
I am to put up more rocks-Enjoy your Sunday This will be my art sunday post as well-the art of rocks-giggling

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sunny Saturday and few Blooms

Well, bummer I finally got access to the computer-Larry has been working his business all day on it, so I wrote this long blog-didn't save as draft, as I was looking for some photos-and it all got deleted-sigh so here is a shorten version-
I took these photos a couple days ago between the rains. Our wisteria is in it's 4th year now from being transplanted along the fence; so with the cool spring, and lots of rains they are beautiful this year, the most blooms we have gotton. The are blooming on both sides of the fence too. In one photo you can see that it has attached itself to the maple too.
This is the maple that is forming this really cool garden room. I was trying to get a photo but couldn't get a good view. I took a shot into the "ceiling" of the maple instead. It is low in spots and just provides a nice sitting area in the shade and near our pond. I have hung a couple hanging planters with inpatients, and also lots of humingbird feeders-so a nice spot. and "grandma kitty" calico loves the new smoker for resting.
I have been getting up in the morning and after getting limber enough to work again-I get right on the rocks and stick with it for about 4 to 5 hours. I got another 15 rocks up today-yeh! That last wall should be done in 2 to 3 more sessions, and I have started on the piece that we walk under. So I am still on schedule for getting all the rocks up in the shower before my Indiana trip. happy dancing
and the nicest thing about today was a wonderful sunny day-no rain like the weatherman predicted
Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Still Raining

We seem to be getting close to 2 inches or more a day now of rain-and it comes down really hard. We are really saturated now-but our property is not in danger of flooding-thank goodness.

Our ponds are full to capacity now though, and the one by the house is overflowing in the back now to a field. The back pond is very very deep and holds lots of water. Thru the years we have lived here, I have marked with stakes and rocks when it gets higher than the last mark. It has passed the last mark now-from when we got alot of rain last year-and when we look towards that pond from the house-it is so high now it looks almost like a lake is back there-we usually can not see any water from the pond up at the house. and more rains to come. There is lots of flooding in the low areas here, Branson area is flooded now. so we definitely don't need any more rain in the ozarks for awhile.

This morning I put up rocks in the shower for over 5 hours-so making progress. I went back into my craft room too, and sorted thru some other areas-I got this huge bag of items for card making down to a more smaller more reasonable size-and I can actually see what I have available now too-that was good.

I am also going thru back issues of a weaving magazine-I have taken off and on since first published in 1978. The first 15 years of the magazine was excellent-now not so great. They do have a pretty good site online with information and some free patterns-so will check that out more.

I knew I didn't have much in the way of cotton warp in my stash, so I am looking for patterns of interest and seeing what I can make with I what have on hand, and also making a list of a warp stash too that I will need.

I would love to make some kitchen and bath towels, and when I get to the 45" loom I think I would like to make a blanket, and I love shawls and cocoons so marking patterns for those too. I think I found some cottons that will work for a couple kitchen towels-so that may be my first project. So far I have not taken the time to think thru the tie up on my 30" loom-as I know once that is done-I will have to get a warp on-and weave--lol

One project I had started on, was making weft thread from soft leather that I cut into strips and looped together. At the time I was planning this-was working on a pattern and threads to either make placemats with it, or I would love a cocoon made with this. Was thinking of alternating a throw of leather with a soft wool or mohair, on either a wool warp or linen-not sure yet. Still going thru my past notes.

Tomorrow is pick up angel food day-and I have a couple boxes coming this time-the 35.00 box was an excellent choice this month so that will put a variety of meat into the freezer for us.

That's about it for doings here-can't do much outside with all the rains-and now super high grass everywhere too.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Meme this morning-before shutting down the electronics

You Are Teal Green
You are a one of a kind, original person. There's no one even close to being like you.
Expressive and creative, you have a knack for making the impossible possible.
While you are a bit offbeat, you don't scare people away with your quirks.
Your warm personality nicely counteracts and strange habits you may have.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We Checked out an Amish Garden Auction

I should have taken my camera with today, didn't think about it til we got there, but this was something I wasn't familiar with-a flower and garden produce auction-locally grown. (Note: I know from growing up, my grandma lived amongst the amish community, that it is usually ok to take photos-if not posed, from a distance, and best to ask permission first)

The amish community near us-outside Bennett Springs,takes about 45 minutes or more to get there, is named Leadmine. This is where we go to their bulk food store to purchase boxes of cherries, pears etc to put up. Mr. L told us this winter he had found out they were building an auction house. He went last week, and wanted to go again today.

Right now it's mostly flowers and hanging baskets. You have to really listen to the auctioneer so you now what all your buying. Sometimes you are bidding on something but that bid is times 2 baskets, or 12 plants-or even up to 40 plants. If I wouldn't have already purchased my flowers already-this would have been a much better value. These stunning hanging baskets-that I would say would sell upwards to 18.00 or more were going for 4 and 5 dollars each. The highest baskets I saw were these gorgeous lavender flowered geraniums for 6.00 a basket-had to take both baskets-but that was a bargain.

They did have a row of produce and that's what we were wanting to bid on-or see how the prices would go. But after being there over 2 hours-they still had a fourth row of flowers so we left. They had really nice looking flats of strawberries, tomatoes, green beans, turnips, head lettuce, onions, broccoli, etc. I didn't realize that in the back roads of this area there are rows of greenhouses-and that is where they are growing all these items now. I am hoping this summer to be able to buy produce for canning and freezing.

I am used to seeing this many amish gathered together when I visit my Mom in Indiana, but this was the first time here-very fun to watch all the little children come in with their families by horse and wagons. There was a gorgeous pair of belgian draft horses that was leading a large wagon that caught our eye.

This will be interesting to see how this works out-and in july and august they will have the auction 3 days a week, now it is twice a week. So an interesting and fun day today.

I looked online and these seem to be getting quite common, check in your area and see if you have a mennonite or amish community near you.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Well After Probably 20 plus hours in the Craft Room-------

When I got the little loom out of here, and then started looking for stuff I needed-the mess began-lol---I have opened up some floor space, rearranged some items, put all the wool on one side etc, moved the ironing board (its a vintage one too) to the opposite side of the room-I think we can pull my 45" rug loom away from the wall-up towards the desk-just enough so I can walk thru-and should have enough room on both sides to throw a shuttle. If not, may need to angle this a bit-I need to locate some mats to put under this so it won't move on me too-what job-as this loom is extremely heavy.
Next up-is to clean these floors and get the dust out of there, and proceed some more tomorrow-I just realized it's 1 pm and I started before 7 am time to get outside for some chores

The top photo is my big loom that needs to move forward, in the front of photo with quilt on top-is our treadle leather sewing maching. and all those boxes in the back by loom are all filled with jeans to weave into placemats etc
next photo is a little area I changed around, moved my button collection over there, my embroidery threads, herbs I use for sachets etc.and that wooded stand will sit behind the loom holding cones of threads to weave long yardage right off the cones, I need to get or make a tension box for that.
third photo same area just a clear shot-I now have an actual path to the warp frame-lol-on that side of the loom everything is filled with lots of wool, and weaving threads
fourth photo, is behind my little loom with weaving items I need.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Trout Recipe with Photo

I baked these last night and was very pleased with them, my first attempt with trout.
I have a nice patch of lemon balm growing now, so I put some under the fish, and then put some on top of the filling too.
I sprinkled some olive oil inside and outside of the fish. and for the stuffing: I used some leftover brown rice/wild rice that I added chopped wild garlic to, a handful of currents, sliced black olives, and a good sprinkling of chipolte pepper-
Folded up the foil into packets, I had 5 fish, placed on a pan and baked in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees f These were moist, not oily and just excellent. I really loved the stuffing too-nice flavors with not too much heat.
I served with garden greens salad, and later we had a gluten free vanilla cake with strawberries and blueberries Good Eats!

To prepare the trout we soak in cold water with a drop of dawn dish soap to cut the oil for several hours, then rinse well, and then soak in cold salt water in the frig. overnight- Larry doesn't like any fish that "tastes like fish" lol he really only enjoys catfish-but this method with the trout really helps-he was quite happy that our dinner didn't have that oily fish taste.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Loom Photos

This is my 30" J Made loom, all handmade out of maple from Oregon. I bought this when I was living in Denver, Co back in 78. I had just got my job with the phone company-which I ended up retiring from, was going thru a divorce, and always dreamed of weaving. So, I took a few classes and bought this loom. They are no longer in business-but at the time this was the best I could find at a price I could afford-and was 30" weaving width-so that was a good thing too. The bummer about weaving-is that all the equipment and everything that goes with it is just so expensive, es[ecially now-need to find someone that make the accessories instead.
This should work out to be a nice spot-I am in the corner-facing the big screen tv, the wood stove will be to the right, and I am close to the kitchen as well. yep my bench is an old milk can-never had a bench made-and this has worked for me since the late 80s-will see if my lower back can still handle it.
I don't have the tie up yet-I need to find my txslov (that's nt the right spelling-sorry)system-I bought years ago and haven't tried it-suppose to be much easier for changing the patterns around on the lams.

Wrist Cuffs?

I live in the woods-so I am not out and about in the "in" world really not at all any more.
Who is wearing these wrist cuffs? college kids? I have been running into some really cool ones over on etsy-like this shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/sparrowsalvage?section_id=5941457 I fell in love with hers, and she makes us kits too.
I am thinking of perhaps tapping into this market. anyone in the know about these-am I too old to wear one-lol

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Work on my Rock Shower Begins Again

I was planning on spraying a big section of weeds where our front of the house is and where Nikita stays-but the weather is so wierd-it feels like a big rain shower could just come down any minute. The humidity feels like you could wring the air out with a dish rag-lol
So, decided I did not want to take a chance and waste my time and money on that project. I put up more humingbird feeders, and I expanded a little garden "room" under the big maple tree that sits next to the front of the house, and overlooks the front pond-the tree I take pictures of in the fall with those gorgeous reds. The branches come down low-with lots of character and it stays shady under there til about 4pm in the summer-so a nice place. and so far I haven't had the ticks fall on me under there-some trees here you can't sit under cause of the ticks-I do not like those things at all. but comes with Missouri. sigh
I have my etsy sewing orders all caught up now, so a good day to begin again on the shower.-yeh!! it feels so good to just get started again. Like any thing that is usually the hardest part-just getting started.
I really don't have much left to finish on this last wall-maybe 8" up the whole width, and then there is a couple other spots in the shower that I need to rock as well-the "plan" is to complete the rocking before I go on my Indiana trip to visit Mom.
There are some tiles and nasty glue that needs to come off in the walk in area-so maybe I can get Larry to do that while I am gone. If time permits I may start to seal this too-once sealed we can use it-"happy dancing" and then take out the claw foot tub to rennovate and I can get the rocks up on those walls this summer too.
I am hoping I can stay focused and get our bathroom done-alot of work to do in there-but I have fun playing with the walls-and we are going to have some really cool features in there.
I will share a photo again once this wall I am working on is completed. I got 10 rocks up this morning. I decided not to do a second batch, because the area I am working on-have my arms up over my head and shoulders and my neck is back-that is going to give me a little pain til I get used to it again.
so off to the heating pad, and back on those embroidery blocks

Monday, May 9, 2011

Summer Memes to go with the Summer Weather

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Perfect Day to go Fishing

The turkeys were not answering our calls, couldn't even hear a gobble-soooo off to Bennett Springs for trout.
I did good this time (my second try at trout fishing), my first and last trout caught were beautiful and larger than most. the limit is 4, so we each got our limit. These are soaking in salt water and will get frozen for a later good eats of smoking.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We Got the Sunshine Back

Quite chilly this morning, but great to have the sunshine again.
It was so chilly here yesterday, that I had the wood stove going in the living room all day. I also decided it was a good day to bake, so I made two of my famous cherry pies too. I made ours gluten free (so I could eat it too-lol) and this time for the crust I used a little spelt flour, sorghum flour, brown rice flour, and almond flour-and I always make my crusts with lard and ice water. It turned out excellent. The other one I made for our friend that lets me pick fruit at his little orchard.
We hadn't visited him in awhile, he recently lost his wife of 62 years, to complications with diabetes, and it was good to see him smiling and laughing a bit yesterday. He is in his late 80s and still puts in a little garden, tends his orchard, hunts, and cuts lots and lots of grass. Goof for him-I wish the younger generation would give off their electronics and enjoy life more like our elders do.
I also started a new creative project to put on my etsy shop. I flower pounded 4 small pieces last week, and I decided this one I am working on to really embellish with glass beads, embroidery stitches, and wool needle felting-I just finished one and I love it. I will back it with on of my hand dye pieces and turn into a little pillow. I think I will stuff this one with wool. I had coffee dyed the cotton first before the flower pounding-so I decided to name it "Spring Pounded on Coffee" lol
Neighbor friend says by friday we will be in the 70s, so a good work outside day. I need to spray weeds in where Nikita stays, and mix up soil to plant pots for my flowers and things. I hope the rains stay away for awhile. still alot of flooding in Missouri.
Enjoy your Tuesday


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