Friday, April 8, 2011

My Recipe for Canning Wild Mushrooms

These wild mushrooms the locals here call "Reds". These are soooo yummy and are a firm meaty mushroom-so work out great in lots of different cooking applications.
Last fall Mr. L found us trumpets, and corals, and hen of the woods. All these worked up awesome for canning.
As always, Never collect mushrooms unless you are Positive of the identification. When we first moved here, we never ate any mushrooms til we found Mr. L to teach us how to indentify the mushrooms here.
The Ball canning books, even my vintage canning books say not to can wild mushrooms. I am thinking the main reason for this, is so the book would not be responsible if you identified the wild ones incorrectly. So, I hunted online for recipes for canning the wild mushrooms-and I have been very happy with the following recipe-I believe it to be safe because of the long processing time. I have been very pleased with all the mushrooms I have canned.
First off the best size to can the mushrooms in are the 1/4 pints and 1/2 pints. These are the perfect size to cook with anyways, and similiar to the size you would buy in the store. The recipe recommends canning in no larger than a pint jar.
Soak your cleaned mushrooms in salt water-cold. I do this for about an hour, and then rinse.
Slice according to the type of mushroom, and steam over boiling water for 20 minutes. ( I have a Japannese steamer with two layers-I found this to be the perfect tool for this and for steam blanching my veggies I want to freeze)
I then place them on a plate in single layers til I get all the mushrooms steamed.
Have ready: clean canning jars that have been soaking in hot water. I also soak the lids in hot water too.
Fill the jars, and cover with the steam water. If you use salt, I would suggest putting a little salt in the steam water first off, but I don't do that. Since these jars are going into the pressure canner, I fill the jar with the steam water, to just a little bit above that break in the jar. so a bit more than a 1/4" headspace.
Wipe the top of the jar so clean, put the ring on tight, and place in your pressure canner.
Follow the instructions on how to can for your canner.
Process at 10# pressure for 40 minutes.
Let your jars cool for a day, before washing them up and placing in your pantry.


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