Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lots of Rain Here

If I could share some of this rain with you that need it-I sure would. We are getting around 2" per day now of rain-I guess it's filling up our ponds and underground rivers here-but we have alot of flooding down in the lower areas now too-I'm good though we are up from the river a few miles.
The t storms stopped for a bit-so we both jumped on the computer to check stuff.
Our Mr. L came over to scout the woods as I was heading off to pick up our Angel Food orders. I got a beautiful box of fresh fruits and veggies this time, along with a really nice steak box. Eight steaks-ny strips and delmonicos for $24.00-can't beat the price-or the flavor on these.
L found morels, another red mushroom, and lots of wild shallots-Nice! I decided to make up one of my homemade pizzas and I used some of these wild finds for toppings-yummy!
I was hoping to go out for my first turkey hunt but the last few days we are waking up to storms and rain-and the turkeys don't like that kind of weather much--gotta wait for a nicer day now to go out.
I made more progress on my pillow order-for some reason this project is taking too much time. I wasn't feeling good this week-so that doesn't help. We have routine doctor visits next week-which I am glad of-as need to check out my lungs etc allergies have really gotton to me bad this year. I coughed so much, that I am hoping I did not fracture any ribs-that area is so painful this week-hoping its just sore muscles instead.
well, I am off here til tomorrow nite all


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